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Technology Features
Optical measurement:  non-contact, non-destructive, no Beta radiation, no calibration!
Simultaneous determination of double-layers possible
Maintenance-free and handy desktop gauges for USB connection
Thickness range for transparent layers: ~0.8 to 120 micrometer (~ 0.03 to 4.8 mil )
Entirely "Made in Germany"
Comfortable and easy-to-use software FTM-ProVis Lite

TranSpec Lite Film Thickness Gauge

TranSpec Lite Spectrometer with integrated Halogen Lamp 


Our brand-new TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges use the white-light interference phenomenon for film thickness determination of thin transparent layers. These instruments are designed especially for manually performed but even though high-precise measurements in the lab. Click here for Application Examples and Measurement Method Principles.

The standard TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges consists of a photodiode array spectrometer with integrated halogen light source, a bifurcated fiber optics cable with probe holder (as shown in the picture above) and our FTM-ProVis Lite software package.

For developing your own film thickness applications using our TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges, we provide our powerful and very easy-to-use FTM-ProLib++ programming library as DLL using standard-C calls. This library can be used with C/C++, VBA (Excel), LabVIEW and many others.

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