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Engineer's Office for Applied Spectroscopy
supplies high-end measurement technology for the photodiode array spectroscopy since almost 25 years. We specialize in film thickness measurement and plasma emission monitoring for the lab and in-line and process controlling and offer customized solutions world-wide!

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Film Thickness Measurement

Film Thickness Measurement
These pages describe our film thickness measurement technology using the white-light interference phenomenon. Our TranSpec process spectrometer and TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges determine the film thickness of thin transparent layers in the the range of ~ 1 to 150 microns within an accuracy of ± 5 nanometer.

TranSpec Lite Film Thickness Gauges

TranSpec Lite ▪ Film Thickness Gauges
Our easy-to-use TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges are designed especially for manually performed but even though high-precise thickness measurements in the lab. The handy instruments connect to any standard laptop by USB and they are free-of-maintenance!

Plasma Emission Measurement

Plasma Emission Measurement
Our fiber optics coupled TranSpec spectrometers permit to trace almost any emission of your PVD plasma in the entire UV...NIR spectral range, simultaneously and in real-time! This permits an intermediate feedback for your process gas flow control and vaporization progress.

TranSpec Spectrometer

TranSpec ▪ Photodiode Array Spectrometer
These pages show our UV-VIS-NIR photodiode array spectrometer, which combine innovative optoelectronics with high performance digital electronics. The TranSpec process spectrometers are used mainly for film thickness and plasma emission measurement tasks with in-line requirements.


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